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Meet Amper

A powerful Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform that helps you build ANY kind of application AND make them intelligent!
Build AI powered Big Data, Streaming data and process apps through the Amper Application aXeleration Platform swiftly using just simple Drag & Drop!


Quickly build your Complex Events or streaming data, Big Data and Process applications on Amper’s unified RAD platform. For Web & Mobile.

AI Enable

Build your own ML model in Amper
OR Connect to IBM Watson®, MS Azure® or others to
make your apps INTELLIGENT!

Deploy and Learn

One click deployment on Cloud or on-premises! Simple configuration to enable continuous learning for your app!

How Amper is Different?

The Amper Application aXeleration Platform (AXP) is a drag-drop RAD platform with:

  • Integrated AI – seamless model building and drag-drop inclusion for application building
  • Complex Events Processing (CEP) & Streaming data analytics
  • Big Data based applications & data pipelines
  • Intelligent Business Process Management (iBPMS)
  • Business Rules Management (BRMS) and pattern recognition
  • External Connectors on Micro Services & ESB architecture
  • Web and Mobile ready
  • Single-click deployment on Cloud or on Premises

Build Future Ready Apps with Amper

Apps built on Amper are purely MetaData driven. With its architecture, these apps are Future Ready.
Amper provides capabilities to build Intelligent Apps, Intelligent Things powered by AI & Machine Learning.
Amper helps enterprises with their Digital initiatives through possibilities of creating Digital Twins for Industrial IoT (IIoT) or for many other applications across different domains such as Healthcare and BFSI
Through its Mesh App Architecture and Micro-services ready interface, Amper as a platform provides innumerable opportunities to build integrated solutions for your Enterprise.

AmperAXP Among Top 20 Most Promising Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers 2017

AmperAXP: Simplifying AI Integrations

Artificial intelligence (AI) is bringing new dimensions to serving customers better and leveraging new business opportunities. Using AI to gain insights into patterns, trends, and applications is becoming prevalent across all industries-financial services, healthcare, retail, industrial IoT, and hospitality to name a few. However, embedding AI into existing enterprise applications or while building new business software can be arduous, complex, and time-consuming.

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Customer Stories


Microsoft Azure® helps you to turn your ideas in to solutions faster on Cloud – while Amper-On-Azure helps build the application you ideated in a quick time!

Amper-On-Azure is a RAD platform completely integrated with more than 100 Microsoft Azure® services with a Drag & Drop environment to make you successful.

Amper-On-Azure [AoA] comes in 3 flavours to meet different demands from the market:

AoA Virtual Machines
Need based complete Amper-in-a-Box hosted on Microsoft Azure® as an independent solution or as a hosted platform on an Azure Virtual Machine. Usually preferred by enterprises looking for Amper based solution without any external integrations offered by Microsoft Azure.
AoA iPaaS

Enterprises who want to extend their Microsoft Azure® investments to create/extend larger/integrated Apps opt for Amper-on-Azure infrastructure as a Platform (iPaaS).

Here, in place of out-of-the-box infrastructure of Amper, Azure services could be used. For example, in place of Amper’s IoT platform, the customer may choose to integrate Microsoft Azure® IoT platform as the service, while building the apps on Amper.

Amper Blue
Amper Blue uses many of the Azure services as integrated components to build your Azure apps within Amper. For example, Azure IoT is completely integrated with Amper so that one can develop an Azure connected IoT App using Drag & Drop environment of Amper.

IBM Cloud powered by leading AI Platform such as IBM Watson® and full spectrum of products right from compute, network to AI to security to many other aspects of a perfect cloud.

Amper works closely with IBM Cloud to combine high-performance infrastructure with a broad range of Watson and machine learning APIs to build your own applications faster using Drag & Drop interface.

Amper maximizes your IBM Watson® investments by seamlessly integrating your existing or new Business Processes, Events or stream analytics or Big Data flow applications making them intelligent.

Amper Application Acceleration Platform works on IBM Cloud and integrates disparate systems to work seamlessly on a unified application orchestration to build your enterprise applications for web and mobile.

GE Predix® industrial IoT platform is specifically designed for the unique and complex challenges of industrial data. As a GE Predix Solution partner, Amper integrates with Predix to help industrial organizations rapidly turn time-series data or stream of events into actionable workflows, reports or insights as dashboards.

Amper powered by Predix platform helps automate the heavy lifting of making data ready for analytics, enables machine-learning modelling or leveraging Digital Twins to set up proactive maintenance optimization or production efficiency through initiating workflows.

Amper as a High Performance Platform as a Service (hpaPaaS) integrates with Predix at component level to provide connectors that can help build applications on web & mobile with ease.

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Amper, directly and through its partners, provides multiple solutions on the following domains & industries.

Health Care

Build actionable healthcare monitoring apps on Amper.
Monitor Streaming events from Medical equipments; verify the patterns with built ML models; analyze and re-learn; initiate workflows; build escalations and track progress.

Financial Services

Intelligent Financial Risk mitigation apps. Apart from building Compliance and transaction based process applications, analyze transactions, detect frauds, and analyze credit ratings based on large amount of historical Data and continuous incoming transactions.

IoT & Industrial IoT

Build Smarter Things.
IoT and IIoT are made smarter by AI enabled application platform. Quickly integrate various number of devices; analyze them through various stream analytics; build Digital Twins to understand, predict, and optimize asset performance for Industrial IoT.


AI enabled Retail Application, Catalogue Management, Purchase process, Logistics, Analytics, Event tracking, Demographies and many more with simple Drag & Drop environment.


Amper, as a powerful digital platform built on ESB and Micro Services architecture, provides capabilities of multiple connectors to industry’s leading systems, platforms and software to be integrated in to AI/Machine Learning flow, Process flow, Events flow or Data flow applications