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Analytics is essential to find meaningful patterns and knowledge in huge amounts of recorded data that today’s businesses have. These meaningful patterns are derived through statistics, mathematics, predictive modelling and machine learning. An emphasis on prediction according to the business relevance and ease of use is increasingly in demand for today’s businesses that deal with big data.


Amper provides the platform for Big Data and Predictive analytics through Machine Learning and facilitating the interaction with external systems that can be plugged in for analytics. Amper’s elastic platform can accommodate any amount of data and any type of data to perform analysis on. Static and stream data can be mined and analyzed with ease through either Data models or Event Flow models that seamlessly coordinate with external systems or inbuilt machine learning models.


  • Amper allows users to augment data in motion and data at rest
  • Multiple sources of data can be processed and aggregated with easy drag and drop models
  • Easy integration with Machine Learning and Business Rules for deriving meaningful patterns
  • Ability to connect to external systems that process and analyze data
  • Effortless data visualization through Amper’s sleek dashboard and reporting infrastructure

Amper Impact

  • Business Intelligence Capabilities available in a painless drag and drop environment
  • Advanced time series analysis
  • Analyzing relationships
  • Seamless integration with MS Power BI enhancing the power of the platform
  • Embedded dashboards that can be plugged in anywhere
  • Straightforward report generation with visual elements that are easy to share
  • Geographic visualization


Event Flow

Create actionable event flows or high-speed data-in-motion applications with complex events, simplified through drag-and-drop orchestration.

Data Flow

Build applications that analyze your data-at-rest to uncover newer patterns and models and apply it as micro-services.

Process Flow

A comprehensive process automation suite that provides end-to-end coverage for a variety of complex enterprise business processes.


Discover, interpret, transform, and present both streaming data and big data in visually stunning reports with data visualization.

Big Data

Design and build data flow applications that connect to both traditional databases and big data with multiple layers of security.


Connect to more than 200 disparate systems on the cloud and on-premises to deliver complex applications through easy-to-use libraries.

Business Rules

Complexity of decision logic made simple through comprehensive BRMS that can change and work for you even at run-time!

Machine Learning

Next-Gen data analysis and learning through model building and pattern recognition using complex algorithms from standard libraries.