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Data Flow

Data Flow

Data Flow

Data Flow is the representation of the flow of data through sequence of steps involved in processing data from underlying data sources to achieve specific business results. Visual representation of data flows allows users to design, modify and improve complex data processing efficiently.


Amper allows you to build Data Flows by drag and drop through Amper’s Data Flow canvas. A rich variety of nodes allow data merging, transformation, aggregation and defining Data Flows to perform ETL and data mining through easily configurable nodes. Amper helps you build AI powered Data Flows that make your data processing and transformations intelligent, effectively leveraging Big Data.


  • AI powered Data Flows add intelligence to the data processing and transformation
  • Ability to collaborate through integration with Process Flows, Event Flows and Machine Learning Flows
  • Effortless Master Data Management through customizable predefined Data Flows to effectively manage business critical entities

Amper Impact

  • Effortless creation and improvement of Data Flows through Amper’s visual modelling canvas
  • Swift building of intricate Data Flows using Amper’s built-in nodes that carry out complex data processing
  • Integrate Machine Learning into the Data Flows for efficient and intelligent processing of Big Data
  • Flexibility to connect, process and transform data from any Data Source


Event Flow

Create actionable event flows or high-speed data-in-motion applications with complex events, simplified through drag-and-drop orchestration.

Data Flow

Build applications that analyze your data-at-rest to uncover newer patterns and models and apply it as micro-services.

Process Flow

A comprehensive process automation suite that provides end-to-end coverage for a variety of complex enterprise business processes.


Discover, interpret, transform, and present both streaming data and big data in visually stunning reports with data visualization.

Big Data

Design and build data flow applications that connect to both traditional databases and big data with multiple layers of security.


Connect to more than 200 disparate systems on the cloud and on-premises to deliver complex applications through easy-to-use libraries.

Business Rules

Complexity of decision logic made simple through comprehensive BRMS that can change and work for you even at run-time!

Machine Learning

Next-Gen data analysis and learning through model building and pattern recognition using complex algorithms from standard libraries.