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Process Flow

Process Flow

Process Flow

An Intelligent Business Process Management Suite (iBPMS) provides enterprises a holistic approach for adaptability. The solution enables continuous process improvement by eliminating redundancy in operations, while increasing the efficiency and quality of products and services. The automation framework allows support for structured production workflows, as well as collaborative unstructured dynamic cases. Process intelligence integrates real-time analytics and decision management technologies into the day-to-day operations of a business.


Amper helps you to build advanced process applications. In Amper, you can create forms for UI, define tasks, rules and data using the nodes available in Amper for process optimization and change management. Amper allows you to integrate Big Data analytics into Organisation’s process to take real time fact based decision for enhancing efficiency and productivity. The ability to learn result patterns by analyzing application helps you to create AI powered apps in Amper.


  • AI powered process models help in automate processes through data driven decisions, self-learning and predictive analytics
  • Integrate Big Data Analytics into organization processes to support more intelligent business operations, including real-time analytics, extensive complex event processing and business activity monitoring
  • AI powered process models in Amper help take data driven decisions through self-learning

Amper Impact

  • User friendly modelling tool for designing and modifying complex business process efficiently
  • Easy to create and maintain smart forms of any complexity using the form controls available in Amper
  • Integrated rule engine helps to define rules and conditions that control the business operations in accordance with defined business processes
  • Seamless integration with external applications and human processes with the help of API’s


Event Flow

Create actionable event flows or high-speed data-in-motion applications with complex events, simplified through drag-and-drop orchestration.

Data Flow

Build applications that analyze your data-at-rest to uncover newer patterns and models and apply it as micro-services.

Process Flow

A comprehensive process automation suite that provides end-to-end coverage for a variety of complex enterprise business processes.


Discover, interpret, transform, and present both streaming data and big data in visually stunning reports with data visualization.

Big Data

Design and build data flow applications that connect to both traditional databases and big data with multiple layers of security.


Connect to more than 200 disparate systems on the cloud and on-premises to deliver complex applications through easy-to-use libraries.

Business Rules

Complexity of decision logic made simple through comprehensive BRMS that can change and work for you even at run-time!

Machine Learning

Next-Gen data analysis and learning through model building and pattern recognition using complex algorithms from standard libraries.