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AmperAXP Inc. is a California, US based product company with its offices in UK, Australia and India. Armed with 100+ product engineering and solutions consultants, it caters to Fortune 500 companies, governments, and geographically spread enterprises to even multiple start-ups across the globe.

Amper, our flagship product is an application acceleration platform that allows you to create, build, and deploy complex applications with minimal coding. You can easily create Blockchain, AI/ML, Big Data, Streaming Data, IoT, Business Process, Web, and Mobile applications using a visual drag-and-drop environment.

Amper allows you visually construct complex applications using any of the abovementioned components in an extremely user-friendly interface. This allows you to rapidly create and deploy applications and drastically cuts down your development time and cost.

Sign up with Amper and see the difference that this platform will create in your enterprise or start-up.

Amper Eco-System

Strategic Partners

Microsoft Azure® helps you to turn your ideas in to solutions faster on Cloud – while Amper-On-Azure helps build the application you ideated in a quick time!

Amper-On-Azure is a RAD platform completely integrated with more than 100 Microsoft Azure® services with a Drag & Drop environment to make you successful. Amper-On-Azure [AoA] comes in 3 flavours to meet different demands from the market:

AoA Virtual Machines
Need based complete Amper-in-a-Box hosted on Microsoft Azure® as an independent solution or as a hosted platform on an Azure Virtual Machine. Usually preferred by enterprises looking for Amper based solution without any external integrations offered by Microsoft Azure.
AoA iPaaS

Enterprises who want to extend their Microsoft Azure® investments to create/extend larger/integrated Apps opt for Amper-on-Azure infrastructure as a Platform (iPaaS).

Here, in place of out-of-the-box infrastructure of Amper, Azure services could be used. For example, in place of Amper’s IoT platform, the customer may choose to integrate Microsoft Azure® IoT platform as the service, while building the apps on Amper.

Amper Blue

Amper Blue uses many of the Azure services as integrated components to build your Azure apps within Amper. For example, Azure IoT is completely integrated with Amper so that one can develop an Azure connected IoT App using Drag & Drop environment of Amper.

IBM Cloud powered by leading AI Platform such as IBM Watson® and full spectrum of products right from compute, network to AI to security to many other aspects of a perfect cloud.

Amper works closely with IBM Cloud to combine high-performance infrastructure with a broad range of Watson and machine learning APIs to build your own applications faster using Drag & Drop interface.

Amper maximizes your IBM Watson® investments by seamlessly integrating your existing or new Business Processes, Events or stream analytics or Big Data flow applications making them intelligent.

Amper Application Acceleration Platform works on IBM Cloud and integrates disparate systems to work seamlessly on a unified application orchestration to build your enterprise applications for web and mobile.

GE Predix® industrial IoT platform is specifically designed for the unique and complex challenges of industrial data. As a GE Predix Solution partner, Amper integrates with Predix to help industrial organizations rapidly turn time-series data or stream of events into actionable workflows, reports or insights as dashboards.

Amper powered by Predix platform helps automate the heavy lifting of making data ready for analytics, enables machine-learning modelling or creating Digital Twin or to setup proactive maintenance optimization or production efficiency through initiating workflows.

Amper as a High Performance Platform as a Service (hpaPaaS) integrates with Predix at component level to provide connectors that can help build applications on web & mobile with ease.

Solution Partners


Avanade is a global professional services company providing IT consulting and services focused on the Microsoft platform with business analytics, business applications, cloud, digital marketing, technology and managed services offerings.


Quadwave is a global software solutions company with its presence in US, UK and India, focused on providing quality software solutions to enterprises and online businesses. Quadwave provide consultancy, architecture, design and development services for complex business process management and web applications.

COBI Systems, USA

Cobi Systems is US based Automotive and Retail Industry’s Analysts and consulting company serving multiple Fortune-1000 companies across USA.


Connect Dots is a UK based Customer Experience Orchestration & Engagement company that helps organisations to create connected, disruptive customer centric sales, marketing and service processes and applications.

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