Imagination Appified

Designing and delivering a high-performing application with an engaging experience on a mobile isn’t easy. Amper’s Mobile Apps provide the user, capabilities to respond to the fast-paced development of application on mobile devices. This flexible structure gives the user more options when the user implements their mobile communication channel, or releases a new version of the application, be it a hybrid or native application.


Amper provides a user-friendly design canvas for the user to seamlessly build and transform Mobile Applications into a unified visual experience that can be used offline/online without any knowledge of coding. Being a no-code platform, Amper leverages technology to improve productivity, and enhance efficiency.

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Amper's Mobile Apps provides flexible and customisable interfaces to build mobile applications that helps you to reduce the time, cost, and risk required to build new innovative mobile applications.

Amper Impact

    Amper's design canvas enables the user to build an app faster and quickly adapt it to the ever-changing business needs. The user does not have to create a separate versions of their app, it will adapt automatically to the different form factors and devices.

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