Predictive Healthcare Solution

The Rapid Rise in patient healthcare data and costs has spurred the healthcare industry to bring innovation to existing technology to cope and implement value based solutions for enhanced patient care.
Amper's AI powered application platform as a Service(aPaaS) has accelerated building and deploying apps to enable intelligent, predictive and data driven healthcare solutions.

The Challenge

Hundreds of patients visit the dialysis service provider spread across the country throughout the year for treatment. A system to provide proactive medical attention to patients registered with their center to prevent lapses that might result in emergencies was essential. To achieve this the following was required.

  • Keeping the patient data confidential and protected across all the patient care centers.
  • Analyze large volumes of patient health data.
  • Ability to discover conditions in a patient's health.
  • Identifying the right treatment options based on the evidence found.

The Solution

Amper's AI powered application orchestration platform allows a smooth integration between data analysis and triggering evidence based treatment procedures.

  • Event streams generated from the diagnostic devices connected to the in-patients were processed and compared to ML models to discover probable medical emergencies.
  • Possible symptoms predicted by the models triggered appropriate procedures and alerted the relevant medical professionals.

The Benefits

  • Amper allows easy connectivity with external data science platforms like the IBM Watson health cloud harnessing superior analytic abilities on high volume of data.
  • The patient data is protected in Amper and is anonymously made available for feedback to retrain the models for continuous improvement of predictions.
  • Proactive medical attention triggered from Amper's solution helped the dialysis centers to improve the quality of service provided to the patients.