Predictive Maintenance in Industries

By 2020 it is estimated that over 50 billion industrial assets will be connected to the internet. With a steady rise in volume of industrial data generated there is great potential to extract valuable insight from this data for competitive advantage. Industries cannot ignore this potential and need to be future ready in terms of infrastructure and software required to make business sense of all this data.

While a leading IIoT provider offers a versatile cloud based platform for any industrial company to get started on its path to IIoT, Amper allows any industrial company to quickly harness the capabilities of the IIoT platform by remarkably cutting down the idea-to-deployment time of IIoT solutions and also bridging profitable decisions with informed actions through AI powered processes that maximize machine efficiency.

What is Amper?

Amper is an application platform as a service (aPaaS) that AI powers your applications to achieve smarter enterprise solutions by bringing together data and analytics on to a single collaborative platform that empowers organizations through intelligent, predictive and proactive solutions.

Amper provides a visual modelling environment that allows business users and developers to effortlessly drag and drop components on to the canvas to define the Business Processes or Data Flows or Event Flows that can interact with each other to form a complex business solution. These solutions can further be AI powered by dragging and dropping internally or externally defined ML models that can self-learn to increase machine autonomy.

Through Amper’s visual drag and drop platform users can painlessly

  • Define complex Business Rules and create Forms
  • Integrate external systems and services
  • Define Dashboards and Reports
  • Build Enterprise Mobile or Web Applications quickly
  • Lower the risk of cost and time overruns
  • Future proof their software investments

As a cloud-based Platform as a Service (PaaS) IIoT provider can potentially enable industrial-scale analytics to better Asset Performance Management and greater Operations Optimization through its ability to connect machines, data and people. Organizations are empowered to develop, deploy and operate industrial applications securely on the cloud resulting in reduced unplanned downtime, improved asset output and operational efficiency.

Any IIoT provider’s industrial ecosystem can be easily leveraged by independent third parties to build applications and services enabling businesses to extend the capabilities of the platform.

Accelerate your IIoT Solutions with Amper

Amper accelerates developing and deploying IIoT solutions by integrating and leveraging the capabilities of Leading IIoT provider and the various associated microservices, effortlessly through its visual drag and drop platform that requires bare minimal coding thus drastically reducing the time from idea-to-deployment. Amper’s strength is in harnessing the Leading IIoT provider eco-system to build business critical applications that can perform proactive informed actions that are faster and smarter either manually or automatically based on the insight gained through analytics.

These proactive informed actions can either be through automated processes that are determined through business rules or through alerts that trigger human intervention, based on the evidences

exposed through processing high volumes of data thus adding real time intelligence to IIoT solutions.

Amper’s AI powered IIoT solutions result in systems that improve through self-learning, resulting in increased machine autonomy and decreased human intervention.

Regardless of the type of data sources, which may incude machines, devices, enterprise systems or more, Amper helps build solutions that interact with each other for greater insight enabling business friendly decisions and profitable actions that maximize productivity. An application built on Amper can leverage the power of already existing systems and bring business critical value through smarter, faster and profitable informed actions based on the insights gained.

Amper’s easy orchestration platform takes advantage of Leading IIoT provider and the available native microservices, providing users with off the shelf functionalities that allow businesses to share knowledge and collaborate around real time data to arrive at smater profitable buinsess actions.

Developing solutions for Leading IIoT provider on Amper is effortless for developers and business users with Amper’s easy visual drag and drop interface through easy visualization of strategic business initiatives based on business rules that can be applied on analytical insights. The idea-to-deployment time drastically reduces through Amper, helping a business deliver its IIoT solutions on Leading IIoT provider visibily faster.

Some of Amper’s Advantages

  • Visual System Orchestration: In a visual drag & drop environment build any type of complex system with interwoven Workflows, Data flows or Event flows integrated with AI/ML fast
  • Event Stream Processing: Build Complex Events Processing application with an ability to listen to high volume streams of events generated by different sources in various formats and analyse them in real time through easy Drag-and-Drop interface
  • Connectors: Built on ESB and microservices architecture Amper is virtually a digital swiss army knife that empowers you to harness industry’s leading systems, platforms or software and integrate them in your applications
  • AI Integration: Seamlessly build ML Models and include them or external models by dragging and dropping them to AI power your applications
  • Bridging Decisions and Informed Actions: Applications can harness the insights gained through analytics to not only enable smarter decision making but also to proactively take informed actions in response to specific scenarios that are supported by simple or complex business rules


Amper and Leading IIoT provider together present a secure, efficient, proactive IIoT Solutioning platform that can help any industrial company future proof its IIoT investment and in turn its industrial investments right from the get-go.