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Today’s rapidly shifting competitive businesses are failing to act on critical insights by relying on outdated data and analytics. To act on critical insights, before their competitors, they need a technology that can read, store and explore complex, diverse real time data in a self-service manner. Amper’s Streaming Data module deals with real-time processing and analyzing of events from multiple sources to rapidly identify significant patterns and complex event relationships to send real-time alerts for timely response to threats and opportunities.


  • The AI-powered Amper platform has a visual modelling environment that accelerates the design and deployment of streaming data applications.

  • The Streaming Data model in Amper monitors live streams of data to identify meaningful patterns, trends and co-relations for intelligent routing and process initiation.

  • Historic and live streams of data can be analyzed in real-time using Amper’s Lambda calculation model.

  • The Machine Learning capability combined with Streaming Data model performs predictive and prescriptive analysis on live streams of data.

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  • Different models like data flow, event flow, Machine learning, Lambda in Amper can be collaborated to build a Streaming Data model.

  • Collaboration of Lambda model with Streaming Data model for real-time data analytics to predict key performance indicators (KPI).

  • Build an intelligent predictive business model that can learn from patterns and improve its KPI.

  • An intelligent model can be built in Amper to prescribe actionable insights by analyzing and processing data.

Amper Impact

  • Visual application development and one-click deployment environment.

  • Seamlessly integrate with external data sources and applications with the help of API’s.

  • Efficiently process, filter and manage data from various sources.

  • Real-time analysis of massive data resources to remediate at the right time.

  • When a significant pattern occurs, users are notified based on pre-defined business rules.

  • Streaming Data model can be re-used for IoT and real-time data streaming.

  • AI powered Streaming Data model is used for descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analysis of live streams of data.

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