Visual Programming

Amper, is an application acceleration platform that allows you to create, build, and deploy complex applications with No Code - Low Code. Amper provides a low-code, drag-and-drop intuitive designer, where you can easily create Blockchain, AI/ML, Big Data, Streaming Data, IoT, Business Process, Web, and Mobile applications through its visual programming canvas and predefined business components.

Amper is a drag-drop Rapid Application Development(RAD) platform that can:

  • Define complex Business Rules and create Forms
  • Integrate external systems and services
  • Define Dashboards and Reports
  • Build Enterprise Mobile or Web Applications quickly
  • Lower the risk of cost and time overruns
  • Future proof your software investments

Unified Orchestration Platform

Amper’s Application Acceleration Platform is a Unified Orchestration Platform to visually design and deploy end-to-end applications

How Amper is Different?

Build Any App* & make them intelligent at lightning speed with just Drag, Drop & Deploy!

Building Distributed apps with Smart contracts on Blockchain are made simple.

Create magic with Artificial Intelligence powered applications without a sweat!

Build aplications that can run on Any Mobile*- as native & offline app.

Powerful Application platform that runs on premise,
on Any Cloud* or as hybrid.

Any Cloud Ready!



Anyone can Blockchain

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Automating Intelligence

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Big Data

Harness Data. Create Insights

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Streaming Data

Decisions at speed of thought

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IoT Apps

Connected Devices. Bridging Technologies

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Business Process

Aligned. Human-Centric. Effective

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Web Apps

Creating Solutions made simple

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Mobile Apps

Imagination Appified

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Vertical Agnostic Platform

Amper, directly and through its partners, provides multiple solutions on various domains & industries.


  • Integrate Supply & Demand
  • Leverage AI/ML
  • Integrated CRM, ERP, SCM


  • Block Chain distributed ledger
  • Compliance
  • New age apps


  • Easily connect devices
  • Pattern based stream analytics
  • On-cloud/prem


  • Multi-system integration
  • AI/Ml enabled pro-active healthcare

Amper Value Proposition

  • Meta-data driven apps making it Infrastructure agnostic
  • Create & Manage Digital Twins of Assets for Industrial IoT.
  • Visual Programming platform for RAD with Low/No code
  • Maximize existing software investments through Connectors
  • Accelerate Change Management with no effort
  • Intelligent Things & Apps powered by built-in AI & ML
  • Mesh App and Service Architecture (MESA) ready
  • Business agility to radially shorten time to market
  • Cryptographically immutable Distributed Ledgers built easy
  • Micro services ready Interface